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Be True to You

"It was when I stopped searching for home within others and lifted the foundations of home within myself I found there were no roots more intimate than those between a mind and body that have decided to be whole." - Rupi Kaur

How does this resonate with you? Sign in and comment below because I'd love to read your insight or responses and respond back to you as well.


Write down or type in your notes app on your phone how this above quote resonated with you personally if you don't want to comment on here. Writing it down will help information process even further.

Anyways, touching on this quote and what it means to me...

We typically don't learn this in an easy painless way. There's deep purpose in us experiencing the contrast through all things. It strengthens our understanding of all things so that we can make the right choices for ourselves moving forward. Our INTERNAL world is the exact reflection of our EXTERNAL world. The daily upkeep of our internal world is comparable to the daily nutrition our bodies thrive on through digestion in order to stay amped up and energized. Nothing moves well without the elements that it takes to move well. Our minds, bodies and spirits are OUR own duties to maintain on a day to day basis. These kinds of positive results come with consistency, discipline and a strong work ethic. If you want something bad enough it is worth ALL of these things. PASSION alone should drive you, if you don't feel PASSIONATE about something then it is simply NOT what you're meant to be doing and over time you might find that you feel misery and exhaustion through what you're spending your time doing.

Thing of all that you seek and desire!

Are you worth, wait, let me rephrase this... DO YOU BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE WORTH THESE THINGS?

If you answered, "YES", feel that answer of self love. Keep that close!

If you answered, "NO", I hope you desire to change that. I will offer you some beautiful tools you can say to yourself and the Universe to actively and drastically change that.

Here are some affirmations/statements that I offer to you that will work with your truest desire of meaning them (remember and be mindful that our words carry power, choose wisely):

"I deserve to feel good, to feel new, to feel connected, to be plugged in and to feel peace."

"I approve of ME."

"I want to take great care of myself."

"I have everything that I need inside of me already, I allow myself to discover that more."

"I see and feel all that I am capable of, and it is limitless."

"I open myself up to receive my gifts from god in all of my glory with good intentions."

"May all beings every where be happy and free and may the actions that I do serve for the greater good of all."

We are all always doing this. Each day differing. If we all do the self work than we are helping the world more than we know. Its not a waste of time. It is the best use of time actually!

- Kay Rose

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