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Being Responsible & Why it's SEXY

When you think of being responsible what do you think of?


Take a moment to reflect on this innermost understanding and what really makes you feel accomplished and productive when fulfilled.

What is important to you that you feel responsible for?

Is it going to work? Is it taking care of a pet? Do you have children? Are you taking care of a relative or elder? Is it paying your bills? Is it your career or position at work? Is it simply just showing up on TIME? Is it running errands? Is it your garden?

How would you write your story on being responsible to serve you? Does being responsible make you feel stressed or overwhelmed? Is it dreadful or daunting? Do you love it and feel accomplished when you know you have things to lose or someone relying on you?

I challenge YOU to open up the meaning of responsibility and expand it so that it NOW applies to karmic, spiritual, nutritional, mental and emotional responsibilities.

How does that make you consider your innermost realistic and true responsible nature as a WHOLE vs. limited to human conditions?

Once YOU take responsibility for each and every solo aspect of your own life experience and your existence and realize that the power is in your hands and that you're in control of your life... you'll feel and see an amazing shift in your life. Take responsibility for your EGO in EVERY way you can so you can allow yourself to ascend!!

You will unlock your LIMITLESS POTENTIAL & reveal your truest potential while leaving behind any past limited beliefs you once allowed define your existence and how you functioned.

Those past limited beliefs will no longer be in control and will become powerless.

Shift that power from what you used to believe that you couldn't do or don't really want to do to what you CAN do.

This is not a secret, but it is the only way to prosper.

Take responsibility for your life by self-disciplining yourself, holding yourself accountable and grounding yourself. (Trust me, I struggle with stress & get overwhelmed easily)...

BECAUSE Listennnnn,

Responsibility is SEXY af!

It is independent in nature and it is inspirational as well. Being on your grown and sexy means being responsible!

We are mature, we are grown and we are ready.

Get your sexy on and wake up and get yourself ready for your day every day.

I feel the vibrations and they're so high from the enlightenment I am downloading from the universe that God is sharing with us all constantly and I am abundantly grateful for existence.

- Kay Rose

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