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I'm on the home stretch of this spiritual healing & educational journey... and I could not be more excited. I'd be completely lying to you if I said that I know what's next, honestly I don't. All I know is that I want to live on my terms and serve people. Those are the only two things I am sure of when it comes to my career path.

Life is one big uncertainty, the only thing we are really guaranteed at birth is that we will die. We never know what's around the corner, death crosses my mind more often than it used to (not as a fear but as an inevitable ascension). It could happen any time and before its my time, I AM going to fulfill my souls purpose in this life experience. HOWEVER, if you want a hint of what's in store for you, have some intention. Intend to live a life full of abundance, intend to love wholeheartedly. Intend to pursue your dreams and intend to cash out with no limit on what your bag is, its limitless. ;)

I've been tired, more mentally than physically... but I keep pushing myself to finish my course work and do practice sessions with volunteer clients and carry on by meeting with my instructors/coaches.

So much meditation and self-reflection time has been spent. I've struggled with self-discipline and procrastination but have found ways to turn the resistance into resilience through my time at SWIHA (my current college). I've evolved by practicing having a growth mindset and implemented new positive energy practices and rituals into my daily routine.

I think about the life and family that I have and I smile. I may not know exactly what the next phase of my life (launch of my new business) will bring me, but I am happy that I've greeted each step of this career path and development with passion and positive that this is what I want to do and was meant to do.

As always, live for you and do what you love. Even if you don't know what you want or what will happen, set good intentions and attract amazing results.

- Kay Rose

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