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Divine Feminine

Let's talk about activating the divine feminine and hold a healing circle and sacred space together. Don't allow the roller coaster of emotions, personal life changes, work, relationships or motherhood dishonor you from fulfilling your divine feminine energy (males and females). We are taught to activate our divine masculine by "doing", but not enough is being taught on honoring the divine feminine.

Sometimes, it is necessary to PAUSE all things WORK (or ALL things) and just - BE!

Let the sun blaze (natural energy), turn on some music (sound healing), play with some singing bowls or smudge some palo Santo or sage (I prefer palo lately), dance around and bend your flesh plant or wiggle it and stretch it, sing, write, read or paint! Either way, this picture right here is the aftermath of me having done just that! Relaxed, hydrated, grounded and glowing!

My beautiful extensions of gods consciousness: Do NOT let society make you deny your feminine nature! I've been teaching mine that I don't play by close-minded rules/human made laws. I am a healthy balance of masculine and feminine confidently exuding both while taking pride in celebrating both sides equally and gracefully.


Namaste :) <3

- Kay Rose

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