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Going From Low Vibrations (-) to High Vibrations (+)

It's so much easier said than done, this I KNOW all too well.

I used to be the queen of preaching yet not practicing just what I preached to others.

I would give the best advice and seem as though I have things all figured out, but yet inside I was a mess and my own relationships were complicated.

As humans, it is not realistic to constantly remain positive. We get emotionally distressed and that is OKAY...


I am inviting you to focus so strongly on feeling your own light that you might turn into the SUN... lol.

No but really though... whatever we focus our attention on expands. IT AMPLIFIES. Think about this for a moment... think about times when you focus on something and how the situation or focus escalates and this can be about something good or bad.


For example... when I don't let something that stalls me upset me so much that it carries over into my day I have a much better day vs. when I let something negative that happens bother me. If I carry on and brush it off and just let it be once I have done all that I can do then I wind up having a better day and good things happen. However, when I have something come up that is unfortunate and then I am upset and tell myself my day is ruined then I find that I might spill something, catch all the red lights, get a flat tire, forget something important, break something nice, so many negative possibilities come out of a ripple effect of allowing negativity to carry over into our day through our minds.

SO, back to the point - the way to redirect your focus is by allowing yourself to focus solely and fully on what you WANT to FEEL, what you WANT to EXPERIENCE, what you WANT to CREATE. Our attention being anywhere else is only purposeful to push us deeper in knowing ALL the things I just listed. GAIN CONTROL OF THIS SH*T! Boss up!! Dive deep!

From our source, through me and then to you, through this web of love, I am freely offering you a gift to shift your perception - A beautiful way of shifting something that feels heavy like a weighed down negative to something that is experiencing whatever you want it to be.

Recognize this - all things that have ever weighed you down are there to teach you. Be thankful for those lessons that were designed for showing you things you needed to deeper learn, BUT you don't have to hold that weight anymore. Cut the cords of attachment and pour your light all over it and transmute it to neutral. Feeling guilty or ashamed for some choices you've made is OKAY and means that you're good because you have a conscience. When things repeat and you find yourself in negative situations repeatedly it is because what is trying to be taught has yet to be learned, thus creating a vibration that will come back around time and time again until what is meant to be taken from it has been fulfilled. Its not, "bad luck." If something is still weighing you down it is because you may not have looked at it entirely. You may be trying to push it back but its trying to still show you MORE. These lessons of life are personal but we all need them to obtain to grow and evolve. They won't just go away. They'll appear else where and in different forms until you realize and level up consciously. So, to make your soul work easier, look at ALL of it. Then you'll really feel like cutting a cord of attachment literally being done vs. taking the easy way out.

- Kay Rose

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