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More a sense of knowingness...

Knowing what?

KNOWING that thee WHOLE point of LIFE is to KNOW LOVE & EVOLVE our capacity to KNOW LOVE.

That everything in our lives exists to teach us more about love and all that comes with loving stronger, at our best, deepest and most meaningful truthful ways possible.

Not just with a spouse, but with ourSELVES and all beings.


... KNOWING that we are ALL doing our best to know LOVE through ALL of our experiences hits differently than just settling for not even thinking about or intending to love. All of our availabilities differentiate depending on our individual experiences and what we enable ourselves to learn from them.

It is our own responsibility to keep breaking down our own walls, peel away our own layers of our own onions and confront, reflect and learn and decode the message. Until this occurs, we will continue to go through the same trials and errors like a record on repeat.

.... because what we do not confront and face by bringing it to the light and addressing it WILL not go away, it will only be pushed to the side until it flows back to the front and center of your life and attention. It only gets buried deeper and you get further away from ever feeling the REAL you underneath all that you've piled on top of yourself.

The key is to never bury your thoughts and feelings or bottle up your emotions.

The second key is to always see, observe and confront (yourself).

With LOVE.

Because ALL things can be done through love, instantaneously or throughout time.

The third key is to remain detached from all things because it ALL is temporary anyways.

Nonetheless, what we do in ALL of our relationships with ALL beings MATTERS.

Our karmic loop and existence NEVER stops.

& so we must not forget.

- Kay Rose

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