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My Life

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

(I originally posted this as one of my first blogs on my Tumblr in 2010 after writing it in my journal I had back then)

It took who I was and where I’ve been to make who I am today… How I act TODAY reflects what I’ve learned from my life’s experiences.

LIFE… Madd unpredictable…

Why is it so difficult to find that ONE person who fulfills your every want.. your every need.. That ONE person that makes you feel so indescribable.. So beautiful.. so.. speechless.. It’s this ONE person that without a doubt, you know , “you’re the one”…

WHY is this so hard to find?

The answer is very simply complicated: I’ve found that you must first complete yourself. With this, the rest will fall into place in the exact moment it is meant to.

So my next question is this: Can you wait until this moment comes? Do you wait for the chance to feel this highest level of fulfillment? Or do you settle because, well… You can’t stand the idea of being alone? Which way do you turn? Which way will I turn?

Still at a point exploring all there is to know about ME.. Still learning to love ME completely, without any “temporary exterior fixes”..

I think I’ll wait this one out.

- Kay Rose

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