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.....PAIN into GAIN.....

Over coming my pains has been a deep accomplishment for me and I've found inner peace so I want to share this gift. I don't want to see others suffer from what I suffered from and lose themselves trying to numb or mask their pains with temporary bad habits or have it drawn out for so long.

It is necessary to feel the emotions and be with them vs. suppressing, avoiding or ignoring them. I've always been one to cry it out and then boost myself back up naturally... those who know me personally from my childhood know that this is true about me - I've had a bad temper and a fiery nature... so for me to be in control of my emotions and able to reprogram my subconscious mind is a huge accomplishment. However, I have witnessed so many others who don't even acknowledge their pain or emotions and instead they lash out later on or turn to other things to take the edge off and it tends to be very unhealthy and in the long run it only makes things harder to cope with.


What I mean by pain ranges from physical, emotional, mental - childhood trauma, physical trauma, relationship complications, coping with grief, parenthood pains etc.

I have alchemized my pain and anxieties into something that's helped me find inner peace.

ALCHEMY: to transform something from what it is into something else.

I have truly surpassed a learning curve of transforming low vibrational (negative) emotions and thoughts into something light.

Experiencing this within myself and then realizing that I may share this with whoever feels called to do so within themselves just feels right. I feel selfish keeping this alchemy to myself.

No, its not rocket science - but I understand how feeling so low may tend to have this unhealthy perception that going back up is so hard or far away. However, we don't have to go all the way back up to the top when we are at the bottom... we just need to get back to the middle and spend just a moment doing something we find passion in, or something that makes us light up inside... will allow the process of healing to begin - but only when we truly allow ourselves to be one with and resonate with our pains and accept them as challenges instead of stressors.

If I didn't have any of those experiences that brought me so much trauma/grief/heartbreak/stress/setbacks then I would not have been able to feel or seek the tools and different skills to navigate that pain which eventually then lead me to recognizing the love and light that I was able to pull through with.

I felt a pull in this direction, to where this feels like a deep act of service for me to be relatable to so many going through such commonalities that we all share at certain points throughout our lives.

It was beyond necessary for me - just as it is for you as well - to undergo the things that I have went through because that pain involved my inner world. I was personally losing my passion for several things in life: hobbies, motherhood, self-care and socializing... BUT once I became so personally inspired by MY OWN mental health and what I was able to alchemize within my own mind SOUL-LY (on my own) without the help of a licensed professional, meds, substances or counseling; I became very proud and felt empowered that I was able to really feel so deeply and pull myself back up from what felt like a deep dark bottomless pit.

If we aren't healing our inner worlds as humans then we won't be able to do everything else with our fullest potential; that which is actually limitless. So what I realized later is that my pain only further would end up servicing every aspect of my life and what I actually love to do. I have rekindled my joy in life and its not always easy and sometimes I find myself getting out of what my ideal self shall carry herself and think like - but I am way stronger and more efficient at responding instead of reacting. I am more in control of my thought process and the patterns of my daily routine.

What I actually love to do is really help people express themselves in all ways possible by guiding them along their healing journeys or just enhancing their self-care through inner (spirit) work. So through all of the pain we shall gain all of the things we dream and aspire.

& remember or be mindful of your thoughts and words because they do carry power... the term "I AM" is very strong and should only be used seriously. The more we spew out, "I AM so...." it truly becomes what we feel and how we are... so stop saying that you're so annoyed, so mad, so broke, so fat, so skinny, so ugly, so hard to love, so prone to psycho paths, so lame... and replace those with what you truly desire to be. Once you actually exclaim, "I AM SO beautiful, empowered, healthy, wealthy, abundant, prosperous, dreamy, happy, loved, and so on and so forth...", you will begin to attract your desires and dreams. I promise. Yes, of course words are words (but they carry vibration and I will eventually share a video on what vibrations are)... and actions do speak volume yes this is true... so using our words in righteous ways and how we think and talk to ourselves is extremely important for our inner world. Putting thins into action though also takes it to a whole other level ;)

"What pains us saves us."

- Kay Rose

I.H.A.P, C.HT., C.S.L.C

& Master Self-Healer

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