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Presently Saving the World Through Divine Femininity

So first and foremost I would like to start off by saying that divine femininity and just femininity are two different things. I did not realize that there was more than meets the eye in this area of life up until about a year and a half ago. Divine femininity is an energy that is not seen, whereas femininity is more physical and consists of characteristics. We all have divine masculine and feminine energies within us spiritually and energetically. It is not a gender thing by any means. Divine M/F should be balanced and understood because they both have their light and shadow sides, just like everything does. Divine M/F are on the same pole but at different ends of the pole... I will build onto this later on in my membership which is coming soon.

Anyways, again this ENERGY is not limited only to women, I believe that if you chose to incarnate as a woman in during this life than it's an energy force that you've agreed to embody predominantly. By really exploring what this is and what it means is a major level up given the circumstances of our past lives, conditioning from the world and societal norms. It was much easier to just conform to those three factors, but once I found out that this divine energy even existed - there was no turning back or unlearning it. Once aware of it, I could not help but to change and evolve in beautiful ways that were so liberating. Due to the extent of my growth and how I've changed as a whole just from exploring my divine femininity - OUR DIVINE FEMININITY - I have expedited myself along my path so much smoother and faster that I feel selfISH if I don't share it with you!! :)

What EMBODIES the divine feminine? Yes before we preach on anything it only makes sense to first embody it. I did spend much of my time preaching about many many things that I had only knew before I fully understood them. The phrase, "practice what you preach..." really holds an abundance of truth. Because only after practicing what I was preaching and gaining experience to couple understanding with knowing - then oooh maaaan my loves - then it all reaallllllyyyyyy made so much more sense. So I chose to always refrain from speaking on this topic before I actually embodied it. Now that I have worked with the moon and I have given myself all of the following I now truly & genuinely feel divinely feminine. I truly feel like a goddess embodying a physical female body - and not in a cocky way - just in a way of wow I truly am a creator within creation and I have the capacity that is limitless to absorbing wisdom. Our minds are limitless there is no limit to how much we may learn or experience - other than what we limit ourselves to via our limited beliefs. HOWEVER, it takes MORE wisdom to correct this behavior in order to change from the inner spirit to the outer shell ;).

Anyways, lets stay on the topic of the divine feminine and what it EMBODIES:




Gentle fierceness






Strength from within

Each of these can get very veiny (detailed) on how and why they embody DF so we will save that for the video I will share on DF in month 1 of my membership... cannot wait - this is just a short preview of what kinds of stuff I will be sharing with you.

The unheard parts of ourselves and the collective (gods consciousness/Holy Spirit/universe/deities/gods/whatever you refer to or believe in) will listen through the ears or meditation.

The unloved parts of ourselves and the collective will love with our hearts.

That which has not yet been seen externally will only be created by the creator by tuning IN and experiencing it there FIRST.

This is a journey within a journey - for ALL women as WE take a rapid leap or a gentle step into the plump knowingness of our very own divine feminine being our truest strength. Let us unravel toxic dysfunctional masculine and feminine beliefs that we've developed or have engrained in us from a false sense of protection that we felt we may have needed due to being surrounded by that learned behavior for so long.

Though men do need to at some point establish divine femininity (and vice versa) within themselves as well... we as WOMB-en (get it hehe) behold a deeply rooted mission in life to fully embody it as we are literally the physical manifestation embodying it for an amazing reason.

*I*, Kay Rose, fully honor ev-er-y single one of you women who are choosing to unravel, evolve, learn, support and open up to going bravely and lovingly on this journey with yourself and I if you so choose to join me as we all grow together...either way we are all authentically stepping into this birth right GIFT we all behold.

I'm proud of your individual journeys and love you all...


Imaslayyyyy ayyyy

- Kay Rose

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