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What Am I Thinking?... No, I Am FEELING!


As I have deeply evolved in my divine femininity AND continuously hone in on my masculine nature as well (we do have both and keeping them balanced in harmoniously check is crucial to being in control of our whole selves)... I feel myself feeling the moments assisting me in honoring who I am NOW. I don't want to continue routinely doing what I always do on a day to day basis just because its habitual - that's robotic, redundant and becomes monotonous.

I've found myself feeling a lack of emotions in the past when I would be interacting with people but having my mind else where such as worrying about my to do list or things that have recently happened... worrying about things or expecting a certain outcome puts a damper on the ability to being present in the moment. Focusing on trying to take a picture or record a video is another thing that hinders moments. Okay... snap a pic or take a short video, but please don't spend all of your time with your family or friends at a concert with your camera/phone in hand.

I want to feel the MOMENT and everything that it is made of in my veins and soul and entire being. I want that for US all.

It's the N O W moments that hold all of the magic of what's new that hasn't been felt before.

It's easier said than done when you're not being guided on H O W to truly embark on the ART of FEELING yourself FEEL the moment because that entails learning and unlearning how to trust, surrender, acknowledge, accept, flow, release, allow, love and invite.

This takes devotion to your inner and outer conversations you have with yourself when you ask yourself the important questions. Being in a moment and instead of thinking thoughts with words/language, instead, give yourself an opportunity to be aware of your bodily sensations, your breath, what you see; the colors, the vibrancy and the beauty, the scents dancing around you, the sounds you hear, what you're touching or who it is... being aware of how you're feeling in these moments and understanding what you're doing or who you're with and how it's making you feel is an amazing thing to master as a habit of being present. Being able to converse with yourself, mind, body, spirit, the universe, music, food, art, people and any other vital components at play for you.

2022 and turning 33 will be the year for me that marks what I practice and do as evolving. I've matured and will continue to evoke evolution greatly. I strive and yearn to help ALL that I serve expand how reshaping the mind will change the life. It's so relevant that we learn and grow through what we go through in a mature manner. Having emotional intelligence and clear boundaries in place will help guide us. Let's explore our super powers and unlock our limitless potential. We're all opening up more and I am taking us in and through... because once you come in the only way out is - THROUGH.

- madd love from mama Rose

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