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You Are Not Your Stories

So often I would find myself telling a story (in depth and detail) of something that happened... I would call my bestie, then my sister, a cousin, another friend... maybe my mom or even my man and tell them the same story... over and over again.

Venting = okay

Repeat venting = unnecessary suffering and prolonged negative emotions

It's one thing to vent or explain what has happened because you just want to tell someone or get it off your chest, but there comes a point when you must accept what has happened and do some self-reflection then release and let go of that story.

What's done is done, you've done all that you can do and there is nothing else left to do or say - therefore letting it go and accepting what has happened will set you free and make space for a new experience and positive emotions.

Holding on to our stories after the emotions have passed and the situation is well over with means you're holding on to pain/guilt/shame/anger/sadness/hatred - these are all of low vibration and keep you down and steal you of your joy and presence.

Not only that... sometimes when we are constantly repeating the same story over and over again we are reliving those emotions over and over again as well and instead of holding on to the good moments and memories we are attaching ourselves to the trauma from the drama.

Another thing to be mindful of is that the more you vent and repeat the same stories to your people you confide in - eventually it becomes draining to them as well and over time they may respond less to you because hearing the same sad story over and over becomes crippling not only to you, but to the ones you're reaching out to.

So I invite you to look at your stories and examine them and then release them. Self-reflect by journaling or simply just thinking to yourself - what did I learn through that experience? How does repeating this story really serve me? What is it that I can do to prevent myself from reacting the same way? It's powerful to evaluate the stories you're repeating to yourself and others. You've been gifted with the power to find the blessings and the lessons in them = BLESSONS. MOVE FORWARD! Don't stay stuck in the rut of reliving these stories in your future things that occur. These stories are so powerful in terms of how you view yourself and live out your life. Take back that power and use your stories in a positive way that will do wonders for manifesting all that you desire.

- Kay Rose

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